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King Nagarjuna celebrates his birthday on 29th August which is tomorrow. In this frame of context, Nag had a small chat with the media recently. In the free-wheeling interview, Nagarjuna addresses so many things related to his movies as well as family. Here, we bring to you what he spoke to the media in his words. Read on.
When quizzed about his upcoming movie Raju Gari Gadhi-2, Nagarjuna explains about his role and the other leads. He reveals that he plays a mentalist in this thriller movie.
About his role in 'Raju Gari Gadhi-2':
The shoot is wrapped up. I've played a mentalist in this movie. Raju Gaari Gadhi-2 has no connection with the prior movie Raju Gaari Gadhi. The story of Raju Gaari Gadhi-2 is just another contrasting one. which we decided to title it so. 
I have met 2-3 mentalists to study about the gestures and mannerisms of them. This movie justifies the scientific connection of the powers the mentalists have 
About Samantha's Role in 'Raju Gari Gadhi-2':
My role in the movie has nothing to do with Samantha's. We both play the leads in Raju Gaari Gadhi-2. But, my role has no connection with her role in the movie. She plays a ghost and I play a mentalist. 
About Akhil's 'Hello':
Hello is an action based love story. The title was my idea, as I felt it is apt for the story. Director Vikram Kumar wanted a fresh face for this movie and hence, Kalyani was chosen. 
About Chaitanya's 'Yuddham Sharanam':
Yuddham Sharanam is like a mind game. Social Media is a weapon and this movie will prove how. I've got to see a few scenes which were quite interesting. 
About Chay-Sam Wedding:
Chay and Sam are to tie a knot at Goa on 6th October. It is a private affair. The wedding will be held as per Hindu and Christian rituals. The reception will be planned by me and the date is not confirmed yet. 

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