Anushka Finds Remedy To Her Suffering

By - August 30, 2017 - 05:50 PM IST

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You get a special feeling of respect and regard when you look at actors and actresses who go out of their way to get into the skin of their characters. While that is a commendable thing sometimes the consequences become costly. The awesome beauty Anushka knows that.
In order to look plump and oversized for her movie Size Zero, she hogged like anything and put on many kilos. While the film didn’t work, Anushka’s woes increased as the extra weight didn’t come down. Since then she has been struggling really hard to get rid of it which became a curse.
However, latest updates reveal Anushka has found a remedy. This is in the form of a Mumbai based trainer who has now shifted to Hyderabad with a special mission, to cut 20 kilos for Anushka. Buzz is that Sweety is already seeing visible changes and is quite happy with it. She is focusing totally on workout, diet and is staying away from everything. Way to go Anushka, no more worries!

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