No-1 Yaari Vs Big Boss: No-1 Yaari The Winner

By - August 31, 2017 - 06:22 PM IST

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There was a time when the whole family used to stick to the televisions to watch TV shows. Now, as everything is available on the smart phones, laptops, and tablets, it has become very difficult to witness such scenes in families. There were no proper TV shows which have decent entertainment quotients until recently. 
But, after the entry of high entertainment based shows like Big Boss and No-1 Yaari, the family audiences are quite lenient to watch these shows regularly. Big Boss and No-1 Yaari being hosted by Jr.NTR and Rana Daggubati respectively, have become the most watched shows on Telugu Television both in AP & TG. 
Young, talented and energetic hosts are the top attractions for both Big Boss and No-1 Yaari. Even the content of these shows is to be given significance.  The TRP's of Big Boss and No-1 Yaari are phenomenal recently. Amongst Big Boss and No-1 Yaari, Rana's show stands as the winner with highest TRP ratings.Take a look at these figures listed below.

While Big Boss is a reality game show, No-1 Yaari is a celebrity chat show.  The TRP's of Rana's No-1 Yaari is slightly higher than NTR's Big Boss as per the recent surveys. As most of the famous celebrities were there on Rana's show, the promos attracted huge attention which helped in the phenomenal hike for the TRP ratings. While on Big Boss, being it available even on the official internet channels, the TRP's seem to have dwindled slightly. 

Whatever, Rana's No-1 Yaari is the winner amongst both successful television shows on Telugu channels as per the TRP ratings. But, Jr.NTR's Big Boss is nowhere a letdown, with exceptional hosting which has been critically praised by all. Also, Big Boss audience is huge during the weekends, as NTR appears only on those days. Viewers are considerate to watch the show to find out who is being eliminated and hence, not interested to watch on the non-elimination days. Finally, we have to accept the fact that the floods in few regions during the show telecasts has been a great influence on the TRP ratings of these shows, especially Big Boss.