Promoting unwanted stuff?

By - September 03, 2017 - 05:34 PM IST

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Being in the creative field, to promote each other is a common thing for the celebrities. In fact, it is a symbol of a healthy competition amongst the fraternal stars. Our Tollywood has been a friendly space to the actors and stars for a long time now. Encouraging each other is often seen here.
SS Rajamouli who is one of the sensational directors in India who is known for his exemplary way of promotions. SS Rajamouli is often active in the social media and has been encouraging the other people and promoting their works on Social media. There was a time when Rajamouli promoted the movies with good stuff. 
Off late, SS Rajamouli's over promotions are being a topic of discussion. There is no more credibility for Rajamouli's verdicts and promotions. He has been sharing and promoting mediocre stuff lately and it seems like the audience is in no way ready to rely on director's promotions anymore. Popularising undeserving movies is a big no as per the opinions of fans and others.

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