Fidaa Girl In RGV's Film

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Just recently most of you were discussing only about one film and that is Fidaa. One of the main reason for discussion was its leading lady the natural cutie Sai Pallavi. She elevated the film to a new range with her performance and dialogues.
So, it is natural that when we say Fidaa girl, immediately you will think of Sai Pallavi and wonder how she would associate with the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma. Well, we are talking about another actress in the same movie and her name is Gayatri Gupta.
She acted as Sai Pallavi’s friend in the movie and made her presence felt. Now, she has mentioned it in her social media that she has been roped in to do a movie being made by RGV. The details of the project are not given but here’s wishing this pretty girl the best of success. 

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