Star Wife Spreads Health Awareness & Positivity

By - September 06, 2017 - 10:56 AM IST

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Your impact and influence as a film celebrity on the society and the generation is quite high and that is why you are approached by various entities to endorse something which makes a difference. From the public perspective, even few words from the star’s family is given complete attention.
In lieu of that, one star wife has come up with a health message. She is Upasana Konidela, wife of mega powerstar Ram Charan. It is known that Upasana is the owner of Hyderabad’s number one gym Apollo Health Street and she has been coming up with many videos online promoting good health.
This time she came up with a special video wherein Charan is seeing walking and talking over the phone. The implying message is 'sitting for hours together is as good as smoking cigarettes continuously’ so Upasana has urged one and all to keep walking every now and then without sitting at one place and become a couch potato. Message taken Upsi!

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