Seeking Attention By Creating Controversy!

By - September 07, 2017 - 10:50 AM IST

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The right way for you to become popular or earn celebrity status is by working in good projects and scoring success either at the box office or through your performance. There is also another way which is rather unethical and this is by attacking something or someone popular, creating a controversy and garnering mileage out of it.
Currently one girl has chosen the latter method and hogged her share of attention by attacking the most talked about movie Arjun Reddy. Her name is Shravya Reddy. Apparently, she is a small time actress and truth be told, nobody even knows who she is or what her credentials as an actress or heroine are.

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However, she took to her Facebook account and lambasted Arjun Reddy for the title, the heroine and even the director. As expected, she got trolled by the netizens and she has earned fame for speaking negative against Arjun Reddy. It may work once or twice but never in the long run. Hope wisdom prevails over Shravya.

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