Big Music Directors In Controversies

By - September 09, 2017 - 10:11 AM IST

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You would normally consider controversies to be part and parcel of the careers of actors, actresses, and directors. However, in the recent past, even few music directors got into a tight spot either with their statements or by their actions. The point of concern is, it refers to the big music directors.
Here are two classic examples to that. Some time ago the musical maestro Ilaiyaraaja made it to the headlines for a sensational act. He issued legal notices to Gaana Gandharva S P Balasubrahmanyam and later on commented on the iconic singer. Due to their tiff, a controversy raged for a long time and it doesn’t seem to have settled.

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The other example happens to be the Mozart of Madras A R Rahman. Though he is very miserly with his words, Rahman has stirred the hornet’s nest a few times with his statements. This time, his reaction towards the death of journalist Gauri Lankesh and his statements have not gone too well with the people. Let us see how far this controversy would go.

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