Shocking Sexy Moans Of Heroine

By - September 16, 2017 - 10:22 AM IST

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With passing time we are inching towards boldness when it comes to glamour quotient but there are also times when things go overboard and they need to be brought to the ground. This happens frequently in the Bollywood circuit and hence the censor board has got sharp scissors there.

The latest from that circuit is about the movie Simran featuring the curly haired cutie Kangana Ranaut. She is the protagonist in the movie and it is heard that there are few sex scenes in the movie. While that is understood it is heard that Kangana has given some really sexy moans and that too in loud decibels.

It is heard that this has taken the censor board members back and they put their foot down that these sexy loud moans must be removed. As such, Kangana is eyeing a good hit since her last few movies didn’t work so now that these moans have been removed let us see what other masalas Simran is going to offer.