Sleepless Nights For Star Hero

By - September 19, 2017 - 11:34 AM IST

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As you keep growing in your career as a hero the pressure to perform at the box office is considerably reduced because there is a strong market base established. However, one star hero is currently going through the worst phase of his life as he is behind bars and the latest incident is adding to his woes.

We are talking about the Malayalam star Dileep who is currently in remand due to the incident involving the abduction and molestation of the delicate beauty Bhavana. Meanwhile, his long pending movie Ramaleela was to hit the screens and now a major chaos is happening in Kerala as the release date got announced.

While many on social media have condemned the release and also asked for boycotting the film, it is heard that the theatre owners who are planning to release the film are getting bomb threats. All in all, Dileep is having some seriously tough times and only time will reveal whether he is actually guilty or innocent.