Nag's Shocking Look!

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You are expected to go through various makeovers and look changes as a hero because that’s what gives the variety factor and keeps the interest levels of audience alive. However, there are also times when few looks of the heroes create a shock factor and you get curious as to why this avatar came up.

King Akkineni Nagarjuna is known for his handsome looks and even today even a teenage girl goes weak on her knees when she sees him. On the other hand, Nag is quite style conscious and sets a statement every time. But this time he sported a look which has taken many by surprise and a bit of shock.

After many years Nag has removed his moustache and is completely clean shaved. He looks very different and all are wondering why he did this. While some say it is for his new movie in Malayalam where he is essaying the role of Karna while few others say he did that for a change. Only Nag can clear the doubts.

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