Sunny Leone Is More Intelligent

By - September 23, 2017 - 04:50 PM IST

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You will easily distinguish between a heroine and an item queen and naturally, you would categorize the latter as a second grade be it in terms of remuneration or image. However, if that person knows how to play her cards properly she can end up becoming a much hotter property than the leading heroines.

The classic example for that is the erotic sex goddess, Sunny Leone. Her intelligence is, she is quite choosy about her projects and charges a reasonable premium to that. Sources say for opening showrooms she is taking 14 lakhs but for songs, she is taking whatever is reasonable.

Sources say she is not demanding a fixed amount and sticking to that rigidly. Due to that, she is getting maximum offers due to her craze. Normally, when heroines get a hit they climb a tree and demand more money through their managers but Sunny is doing projects focusing on quantity with quality and making more money than them. Way to go Sunny!