Anjali's Mysterious Sister Raises Eyebrows

By - September 25, 2017 - 11:12 AM IST

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Given the admiration and excitement you have for any noted hero or heroine you would be equally curious and excited to see if his/her sibling is also making a foray. The initial hype is always high and the same was being witnessed since the past two days due to a press note which made rounds online.

A girl by the name of Aradhya came up with few stills of herself and announced her entry into movies. While that is okay, what triggered the buzz was the claim that she was none other than the sister of the seductive eyed beauty Anjali. This created a major interest level till Anjali herself came into the open.

Well, the pretty starlet has quashed the news that Aradhya is her sister. In fact, Anjali has an elder sister who is happily married and is nowhere near the silver screen. Given that, many cine folks are now raising their eyebrows as to who this Aradhya is and how did she have the cheek to give an official statement like that. Let us see what happens now.

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