Mahesh's Extra Mile For 'Spyder'!

By - September 26, 2017 - 10:35 AM IST

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You do come across those reports and instances wherein working with superstars requires proper planning with the prime objective being not too much load and stress on them. While that may be true in the case of few stars, it doesn’t seem to be the case with superstar Mahesh Babu.

It is known that Mahesh is arriving with his new movie Spyder on September 27th but here is an inside scoop. The film happens to be a bilingual so almost every scene had to be shot twice to make it authentic. In this process, it is heard that just the night shoot schedule went on for a marathon 80 days.

Despite that, Mahesh was said to be quite accommodative and worked through the entire nights without any fuss. Not just that, sources say he also offered to do the shoot for few extra nights if required. Well, given his efforts it is only justified that Spyder becomes a massive blockbuster in both languages.

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