Telugu Stars Keep Murugadoss Away

By - September 29, 2017 - 02:09 PM IST

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Among the long list of talented directors you know each one has a signature style of his own and it also leads to expectations. Genius director A R Murugadoss has set a high benchmark for himself and whenever his film is on the anvil the expectations are high because audience believes he will come up with something meaningful.

While that is true to a large extent this time Murugadoss has disappointed the Telugu folks. His latest offering Spyder is getting quashed by the regular cine viewers and even few Tollywood folks alike. As a result, it is heard that some of the big Telugu stars have decided to keep Murugadoss at a distance.

Apparently, they feel that if Murugadoss can come up with such type of movies after spending such huge monies, it would be a very big blow not just for them but also for the producers. Because it is Mahesh, Spyder is getting some respectable collections. If this is true, what remains to be seen is how long can they keep Murugadoss away because he can always bounce back with a brilliant idea.

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