Balakrishna Does It Again!

By - October 04, 2017 - 03:44 PM IST

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We all live in a society with so much fraternity. Of course, we all come across day-to-day issues which irk us. But, how far will we go to vent out our daily irritations? Would we like to hurt or simply slap anyone? 
Well, there is this actor cum politician who is involved in manhandling every now and then. Nandamuri Balakrishna seems to have taken the fight scenes way too seriously. He seems to have adopted a typical touch-me-not or you'll get slapped funda. 
Intintiki Telugu Desam campaign in Hindupur recently witnessed the furious Balayya, while he was seen slapping a TDP worker during his visit. Well, the video footage shows that the man who got slapped was pushed by a senior TDP leader who was in a hurry to catch up Balakrishna and it gave the impression that the worker was trying to overtake Balakrishna.
This is not the first time Balakrishna was spotted manhandling the fans who come to click a photograph and the other people around him at the gatherings. While the pieces of evidence are being so clear, why is no action taken against him? On the other hand, Balayya's fans also claim that they enjoy his touch while he slaps them. Where are we all heading towards? 

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