Pawan Kalyan's Idea Got Hijacked?

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Being creative is one thing but being smart is another. Those who are creative come up with new ideas, new propositions and those who are smart tend to find a lead from such things and own them. Power star Pawan Kalyan is not just a film star but is also the leader of a new political party.

As part of his manifesto, Pawan has been raising his voice against the step-motherly treatment given to the south Indian states by the Central government. Given the statistics and facts, there is a lot of truth in what Pawan is saying. However, his idea has now been hijacked by an authentic politician.

We are talking about the Telangana IT Minister K T Rama Rao. Recently he was sharing his thoughts with the media wherein he brought up the topic of discrimination towards South Indian states. He was also speaking about South Indian unity against the North and those who heard this are saying KTR has hijacked Pawan’s idea.

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