More Adult Scenes In Tamil

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After getting used to the routine template potboilers, you would have found a new lease of life after watching the movie Arjun Reddy. Its rawness and the bold quotient with intensity created a striking impact on the audience. Within no time, the film was bought for remake in other languages.

Already the Tamil version has begun its groundwork and recently it was revealed that Dhruv, son of Chiyaan Vikram, would be making his debut through this remake. While that is alright, here comes the best part. The director for this movie is going to be the hard hitting filmmaker Bala.

He has come up with some really hardcore movies such as ‘Kshatriya Putrudu’ ‘Nenu Devudni’ and what not. Now, Bala has been reportedly roped in to helm the Tamil Arjun Reddy. Inside news from Chennai reveals that Bala has decided to make the film much bolder than the original.

As it is, he is known for coming up with some ‘on the face’ scenes and given the reference point Arjun Reddy has set, Bala is reportedly keen to overtake that with his adult scenes.

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