Makers Want Pragya To Expose More

By - October 17, 2017 - 01:25 PM IST

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You would see many heroines onscreen and while some are homely and cute, some are pretty and loot hearts. But there are those rare beauties who are not only pretty but stunningly sexy. You cannot help fantasizing about seeing that starlet in all possible sexiest avatars.

The best among that would always be a bikini and now many cine buffs are begging that one heroine should be shown in bikini. She is none other than the striking siren Pragya Jaiswal. It is known that she has been shedding her inhibitions with every passing film and revealing her glamorous side.

Recently it is heard that Pragya has sent an indirect hint that she is also game for bikini show provided the situation demands in the film. Given her mouth watering figure and most importantly her extremely beautiful face, watching her in bikini is being perceived as the best blessing by her fans and they are praying she is shown in that avatar soon.

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