Doctors Become Fighters: Mersal

By - October 21, 2017 - 05:08 PM IST

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Perhaps the noblest and godliest professions among many happen to be that of a doctor. He is considered a lifesaver and is, without doubt, a real-life hero. At the same time, doctors are expected to be soft spoken, understanding, civilized and law-abiding when it comes to their behavior and daily activities.

However, the doctors of one state have become fighters and they are not hesitating to violate the law to achieve their means. Well, all this is happening due to one movie. The Diwali festival saw the release of the Tamil movie Merasal featuring top hero Vijay and it got an overwhelming response on release day.

But then it is heard that the film has shown doctors in a very negative light and as a result, the Tamil Nadu Federation of doctors has started a huge protest. Not just that, they are now sharing the online links of this movie as they want to see the film’s collections get hit through piracy. Shameful but true!

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