Ram Charan Going As Per Fan's Taste?

By - October 23, 2017 - 12:48 PM IST

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As a star hero you might be ruling the roost at the box office and you may have a lot of following among the public but there is one group you cannot really afford to rub on the wrong side. They are the fans. As much devotion and passion they show, they can also go reverse if you do something they don’t like.
Mega Powerstar Ram Charan has got a massive fan base and the good part is, he was able to come out of his father’s powerful shadow and establish a base for himself. Now, the grapevine is making rounds that Charan is giving preference to fans suggestion. This has to do with his project with Mass Ustad Boyapati Sreenu.
It is known that Boyapati brings out the ‘Oora Mass’ avatar of any hero through his movie and mega fans are not too keen about the idea of watching Charan in that avatar. It is heard that this has put the project on the backburner and Charan is stepping into movies with other directors.

On the other hand, Charan is shooting for the movie Rangasthalam 1985 which is a movie with a retro backdrop. Sukumar is directing this movie in which Charann is to appear in a mass avatar too. Samantha plays the heroine in Rangasthalam

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