Anti Modi Stand By Top Writer

By - October 24, 2017 - 10:04 AM IST

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Since the year 2014 the one name that took the entire nation by storm is Narendra Modi. He became the Prime Minister of this massive country and within no time he also made his presence felt strongly with some historical decisions like demonetization of currency, GST and few other radical changes in policies.

While many are gung ho about this, the GST element is yet to find wholehearted acceptance. The amount of tax burden being put on common man is not going too well. Slowly the resistance is being seen and now one top writer of the cinema circuit has also shown his opposition in an indirect manner.

He is none other than Vijayendra Prasad. Sharing his thoughts regarding the Tamil movie Mersal’s controversial dialogues on GST, Vijayendra Prasad reportedly mentioned that despite paying such huge GST our infrastructure is poor and hospitalization bills are touching the sky. This is clearly his way of expressing how Modi’s new policy is affecting all.