Homely Girl Takes Hot Route!

By - October 30, 2017 - 11:34 AM IST

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As long as you keep coming up with ‘girl next door’ type of roles your prosperity and growth in the industry will be restricted because at the end of the day you also need to prove your mettle as a commercial and glamorous heroine to get into the big league. Many leading ladies have used this formula.

Those who followed it strictly like the awesome beauty Anushka or the gracious beauty Nayanthara have reached a stage where they can pull audience by doing heroine centric movies. Now, another talented girl seems to have realized this and has decided to shed her inhibitions.

She is none other than the drop dead beautiful Nivetha Thomas who is a sublime performer. So far, Nivetha was seen in rather homely roles and getups. But now it is heard that she has decided to undergo a complete makeover and unleash the bombshell inside her. Well, get set for this hot avatar folks!


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