Rajasekhar Invites Chiranjeevi!!

By - October 31, 2017 - 06:35 PM IST

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Actor Rajasekhar's PSV Garuda Vega is three days ahead of its release. As the trailer and the teaser were intriguing, a huge buzz has been created around the movie. All hopes are pinned on this movie, as the hype is mounted. 
Rajasekhar is participating in the promotions of this movie. The whole team of Garuda Vega is into the promotions. As a part of the promotions, Rajasekhar has been meeting the heroes and actors in the Telugu film industry to watch the movie and promote it. 
Guess What! It is an open secret that Rajasekhar and Mega Star Chiranjeevi are the off-screen rivals. But, to everyone's awe, Rajasekhar has invited Mega Star to watch his movie Garuda Vega's premiere. And, Mega Star even accepted to watch the movie indicating that he also has watched the trailer, which is interesting. 
Well, seems like the sour relationship has got a sweet beginning. We have to wait to see who will attend the premiers and what comments they would make regarding! All The Best To Team Garuda Vega.  

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