Kannada Star's Political Debut

By - November 01, 2017 - 02:01 PM IST

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Kannada's superstar Upendra who had recently announced that he would set his feet into politics has unveiled the name of his political party. 'Karnataka Pragnyavanta Janata Paksha' (KPJP) was launched by the actor at Gandhi Bhavan, Bengaluru.

Karnataka Pragnyavanta Janata Paksha means for the people. Upendra is to address a huge meeting soon. Two months after announcing his decision on taking the political front, Upendra launched his political party KPJP a day ahead of the 62nd Karnataka Rajyotsava.

At the party launch, Upendra said: “Complete change in the social and political system is the main agenda of KPJP.” Upendra called upon the media terming it as the “true representative of people,” and asked the journalists to report the occasion to launch his new political party.

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