Another Chiranjeevi Or Vijaykanth?

By - November 07, 2017 - 01:22 PM IST

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You don’t need any introduction about megastar Chiranjeevi but you might require few details about Vijaykanth. He happens to be a Tamil star who ruled the roost for a long time and he has passed his prime. But both Chiru and Vijaykanth have a common connection and that is politics.

Now, their names are being taken as the reference points after the announcement from Universal Star Kamal Haasan that he is taking a plunge into politics by starting his own party. Apparently, the political analysts are not that excited about seeing Kamal as a leader or a public person.

They have made it clear that nothing big is expected from him and he could become another Vijaykanth wherein only he would succeed with no second in command or he will fall flat like Chiru who envisioned himself as the Chief Minister. Only time will reveal whether Kamal will prove everyone wrong or not.

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