Sundeep Becoming Like Tamil Vishal?

By - November 08, 2017 - 11:00 AM IST

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As you keep progressing in your career as a hero it is important for you to create your own identity among the public. This is more needed when you are venturing into other languages as well. The risk is higher when you are doing more of non local movies and here is one young hero experiencing that.

He is none other than Sundeep Kishan and some are saying he is becoming like the muscular stud Vishal. Basically, Vishal is a Telugu guy but he has gained a strong identity as a Tamil hero. So, whenever his movies release in Telugu they are being perceived as a dubbed flick though it is a straight one.

On the other hand, Sundeep is doing quite a bit of Tamil movies and due to that his presence in Telugu got limited. Recently he was attending the event of his new movie C/o Surya which was perceived as a Tamil dubbed movie. He had to introduce himself as a proper Telugu guy to clear the air. The big question is, will he also become like Vishal?

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