Arjun Reddy's Next Level Workout

By - November 09, 2017 - 10:54 AM IST

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You can call yourself an acclaimed performer when people start identifying you with your onscreen characters than your real self. At the same time, the hangover remains for a while and one Telugu hero is currently experiencing it. He is none other than the young stud Vijay Deverakonda.

His last movie ‘Arjun Reddy’ became a phenomenal hit and his personality was more like a cult thing for the youngsters. Now, Vijay has decided to take his physique to the next level. Well, reports reveal he is all set to enter the six pack club by toning his body.

In the past, the likes of young rebel star Prabhas, stylish star Allu Arjun and hero Sunil have done that. However, it is not sure whether Vijay is doing it for any particular role or is it just one of his fitness fantasies. Whatever it may be, the very news about his six pack is driving all the girls crazy.

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