Garuda Vega: Rich Talk- Budget Failure?

By - November 11, 2017 - 10:26 AM IST

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A film is an amalgamation of many crafts and you might end up making a very good product but it takes a whole new approach when it comes to promoting it. Most importantly, the numbers matter a lot and those movies which have been made with smart budgets have often worked well at the box office.

The recent release ‘Garuda Vega’ featuring angry star Rajasekhar and cute seductress Shraddha Das has garnered a very good talk across all genres of audience. The collections are also very good but there is a challenge. Due to the budget involved i.e 30 crores, the film might have the risk of becoming a costly failure.

The box office reports suggest that the weekdays did not see much rise in collections but again the weekends look strong and are reporting housefull. The good thing is, there are no good movies around so if ‘Garuda Vega’ can push itself to the brink it has a very good chance of hitting the success zone in terms of profits earned.