Trivikram Suffering From Creative Drain?

By - November 11, 2017 - 12:47 PM IST

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For you to be called as an amazing filmmaker your creative juices have to be constantly flowing and you also need to adapt yourself to the taste of the audience from time to time. On the other hand, there are those filmmakers who have the innate ability to draw the audience with their intelligence.

In Tollywood, Trivikram Srinivas is called the wizard, of words because more than the storyline it is the way he carries the emotion and laces with mind boggling dialogues that make the film engaging. However, the talented genius is currently facing criticism regarding his creativity.

This began with A..Aa which was lifted straight from the black and white movie ‘Meena’. Now, his new movie ‘Agnaathavasi’ is reportedly finding similarities with ‘Ontari Poraatam’ which came in 1989. Those who believe this are asking has Trivikram lost his creativity and has he no belief in his own creation. They are saddened to know why he is doing movies out of other’s creations by tweaking it a bit. Only Trivikram can answer that.

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