Achari America Yatra: Inside Talk

By - November 14, 2017 - 10:39 AM IST

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Normally you would wait for Fridays to see what are the new movies hitting the screens and after watching them you take a call. But there are also those movies which raise your curiosity even before they release and if you want to know about them then the apt way is to wait for the inside talk.

Most of the promising movies start generating a positive vibe during shoot. One film which is in that club now is Achari America Yatra featuring Dynamic Star Manchu Vishnu and Hasya Chakravarthy Brahmanandam. The shooting has been progressing briskly and here is an inside scoop.

Unit members working with the film have revealed it has shaped up very well and it would remind you of movies like Adhurs, Denikaina Ready, DJ which focused on Brahmin comedies. The film is bound to get super hit talk given the entertainment quotient. This is being helmed by G Nageswar Reddy.

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