"Garuda Vega" Controversy Into Picture

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Since the last few days you would have heard the name of the movie Garuda Vega for the right reasons. The film received an overall positive response and it scored well at the box office as well. However, this time the film has caught attention for the wrong reasons which has become a controversy.

Apparently, reports from Filmnagar reveal the makers of the film have sold the Hindi dubbing rights to two different parties for 1 crore and 2 crores respectively. Buzz is that Jeevitha Rajasekhar who is also part producer has sold the rights as she strongly believes she has share in the rights.

In the bargain it is the buyers who are in a state of shock and sources reveal the matter has now reached the discussion table. While it is not sure how the outcome is going to be arrived at, it is certainly clear that the film has landed in a complex situation. The coming days will give further clarity.

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