Another Rajasekhar In Line

By - November 16, 2017 - 12:29 PM IST

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You would have forgotten the name of angry star Rajasekhar had it not been for the release of his movie Garuda Vega. This movie has brought the senior hero back into the game and if Rajasekhar can play his cards carefully he has a very bright future not just as a hero but also as a villain.

Meanwhile, some are now saying another Rajasekhar may just be in the line. By this we mean another hero who is long forgotten but might just bounce back. He is none other than the southern stud Siddharth. There was a time when Sid was the hottest property in Telugu circuit.

However, things changed and Sid went into oblivion. But now he is attempting a comeback through his movie Gruham. This is an out and out horror flick which has already worked wonders in the Tamil version. The film is releasing on November 17th so here’s wishing him the best of success and a good comeback!

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