'Mirchi' Sentiment For Anushka

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Though strategy and perfect planning is always key for the success of a movie, there is another thing which supersedes all these things, it is sentiment. The cine folks believe strongly on sentiment and most of the times it has not let them down. Even the big names are no exception to it.

The awesome beauty Anushka has shot for a movie named Bhaagmathie and it has been ages since the film has made the next move into theatres. The release date has been fluctuating for a long time but now the producers UV Creations have finally decided on one date albeit due to sentiment.

It is heard that Bhaagmathie is going to arrive on February 8th and this happens to be the same day when UV came up with their movie Mirchi which became a huge blockbuster. Buzz is that they want to cash in on this sentiment. As it is Bhaagmathie has led to unwanted expenditure so let us see if the sentiment helps in recovering it.

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