Sunny Leone Devotees Angry!!

By - November 20, 2017 - 03:17 PM IST

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You tend to have that attraction and liking towards a particular heroine and become her fan. Taking this affinity to the next level you become an admirer but when your attachment touches the peak you become a devotee. There are extremely few starlets who enjoy that passionate love from the public.

One such person is the erotic sex goddess Sunny Leone and right now it is heard that the devotees are quite angry. Recently Sunny was sharing her thoughts with the media when she reportedly mentioned she can show her mobile phone which would contain death threat messages once in two days.

The hot lady reportedly added that she is unfazed by such threats and focuses on her work at all times. While her strength is appreciated her devotees are now getting furious as to who those threat makers are and how they can be located. Well, a war seems to be on the cards for Sunny Leone then.

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