"Mammalni Evaru Emi Cheyyaleru"

By - November 25, 2017 - 11:51 AM IST

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There is always a fine line between saying something and showing what you mean when the situation demands. Unfortunately, once you enter the film industry you will come across several individuals who keep floating in the air and giving inflated statements about their influence and power. Those who speak a lot like that end up getting exposed at one point or the other.

The blockbuster producer Bandla Ganesh’s tale is an interesting one. Starting his journey as a small time comedian he rose to great heights as a producer working with the likes of young tiger Junior NTR. Eventually, the graph dipped and in the recent past, Ganesh’s statements became quite exaggerated. Now, destiny seems to have settled a small score.

In one interview to a popular web channel, Ganesh gave a dialogue when the interviewer questioned about threats. He said “Maa Meeda Eega Kooda Vaaladu sir…Mammalni Evaru Emi Cheyyaleru’. Cut to the present, he got six months jail sentence due to a cheque bounce case. The cine folks are remembering Ganesh’s dialogue in the interview and having a small chuckle