New Threat Facing Worthy Films

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You can come up with the best of movies which have every ingredient to appease the audience and score at the box office but if you are not careful about the numbers during the making process, you will certainly end up as a loser. Unfortunately, this trend seems to be on the rise for the Tollywood folks when they are doing big hero movies.

Though the makers claim big numbers as collection figures truth remains that many films barely come out with marginal profits and the main reason for that is the overshooting of the budgets. Due to this, there are also films which are ending up as costly failures. The other issue is, it is affecting the buyers and exhibitors in a big way as they shell out a premium.

This trend is being noticed strongly in the top league hero movies and unless they put a tight leash on the making, this threat cannot be scuttled. As it is, the success ratio of the Tollywood circuit is not great which is hampering the economy in a very big way. It is about time the big boys start working in this direction and make this industry a profitable one.

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