Hero's Secret Policy With Lip Kisses

By - December 01, 2017 - 12:20 PM IST

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There are many gimmicks and games that happen in the cine circuit which are not visible to the naked eye though they happen in front of you. Things which are sexual tend to create such confusion. The talk now is about one hero who has a special policy of having lip kisses with all his leading ladies.

It is heard that there is a strategy behind the whole thing. One of the senior heroes always tells his directors that post-lunch around 4 pm that director should come to the hero who will sit with his heroine and say “Sir, in this scene lip kiss scene is there and you have to do it”. For that, the hero would say “Is it really required? why so?”

For that, the director is supposed to say “No sir, for the scene it is absolutely necessary.” The hero will then look at the heroine and say “I don’t know, I won’t really encourage it if she is okay I am okay.”  As expected, the heroine says it is okay as she has no choice. The hero then takes 2-3 takes and he will do the lip kiss to his heart’s content. That scene will never come onscreen as it is his standard procedure. It would be cut in editing. That way this hero satisfies his lip kiss urge with all his heroines.

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