Agynaathavaasi Action Scene Leaked!!

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You know very well that even the mention of the name Pawan Kalyan brings in adrenaline rush among the youth and masses. Given that, a glimpse of him simply drives them crazy. Considering this mania, you can imagine what happens when Pawan is spotted shooting and that too in a public area. Videos of such will obviously go viral.

But these leakages will certainly prove to be a dampener to his movies. It is known that Pawan is busy shooting for ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ and a prime action sequence which is being shot outdoors got leaked. That way, Non-studio locations are always vulnerable because when the shooting happens such leaks happen.

 Currently, the leaked video is driving many of Pawan’s fans crazy but in the larger interest of the film and its potential, it is better such leaks don’t happen further. The good thing is, almost the entire movie has been canned so we are not expecting further incidents such as these. For now, the fans can rejoice looking at the power star in action.

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