Political Comparision: Chiranjeevi Vs Pawan Kalyan

By - December 05, 2017 - 04:09 PM IST

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As you keep growing popular in the cinema industry the glory and worshipping you experience from the public is overwhelming. It is here that many big stars have goofed up and ended up making wrong moves. Megastar Chiranjeevi is one such person who erred by taking a plunge into politics owing to this glory element.

Today, power star Pawan Kalyan is also getting similar types of statements and praising from many. Fact is, the same type of comments and salutes were seen by Chiru. This is nothing new and though our statement may come across as offensive or headstrong, unless we see the final result we will not know.

In politics, nothing can be taken for granted. On the other hand, media has become very aggressive and nothing is escaping them. Of course, Pawan has done a great thing by taking up the fluorosis issue. If he can fight for some more causes like that Pawan will rise to great heights but he must not get bowled with praising and glory talking.

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