Pawan Kalyan With His Jalsa Song

By - December 06, 2017 - 12:00 PM IST

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With each passing day, you need to prepare yourself to see power star Pawan Kalyan as less of a superstar and more of a political leader. He is taking steps to plunge deep into politics and make his party Jana Sena a genuine and transparent entity. As part of that, Pawan has started his share of initiatives.

One among them happens to be a special Twitter id dedicated to Pawan’s film stuff. Right now, Pawan has come up with a song on the social media with the hashtag #chalorechalorechal. It is more like a tribute song to B R Ambedkar. Prior to releasing the song, Pawan also shared some wisdom related to guilt, accountability, transparency etc.

Those who heard the song are saying actually this is a super hit song in Pawan’s movie ‘Jalsa’ which came many years ago. For now, Pawan seems to be mixing a bit of cine flavor to his pre-publicity campaigns. Well, as long as he gets the same patronage after becoming a leader, all is well.

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