Telugu Hero Crushed In Tamil Politics

By - December 06, 2017 - 03:14 PM IST

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Politics, this is one word which brings a lot of energy to the youth of our country. In the south, the passion towards politics is more because there is a fair share of film involvement in it. Many noted stars have taken to politics and that cine charm has always pulled the crowds in large numbers.

Now, the political situation in Tamil Nadu is rather dismal with the demise of Jayalalithaa who was once a top heroine. While by-elections are being planned for the infamous RK Nagar in that state, one hero got into some trampling. He is none other than the muscular stud Vishal. Incidentally, Vishal happens to be a Reddy boy.

It is heard that he wanted to contest in this election as an independent candidate but the election commission has rejected his nomination citing technical grounds. While many thought that Vishal has suffered an early defeat, the commission gave him the grant for an instant. But, again he was rejected and furious Vishal took his twitter to express his anguish.

"Democracy at its lowest low !!
Disheartening to hear that the nomination made by me was initially accepted & later when I left, has been announced as invalid. #PoliticalGames", Vishal tweeted.