Hashtags Disturbing Film Titles

By - December 07, 2017 - 06:04 PM IST

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Till recently you were coining film titles with the sole objective of coming up with something catchy so that the audience gets a positive vibe. Cut to the present, the directors are now going for an additional objective. Well, apart from grabbing the audience attention they are also trying to create a buzz online.

With social media’s rampant presence they want to make the most of it but in the process, it is disturbing the very flavor of the title. The latest in that list happens to be ‘Bharat Anu Nenu’ and just for the hashtagissue, they are shortening it to #BAN. Due to this, a good title which had a lot of authenticities became bad.

There are also those who say it is not that big a title and it can be easily kept with hashtags in social media but they are making it short and spoiling the entire flavor and impact. While it is true that social media is an important platform for publicity let us wish the filmmakers get more sensible about promoting the title.

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