Beautiful Heroine's Best Policy

By - December 11, 2017 - 10:29 AM IST

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Given the fact that the shelf life is very limited you tend to get anxious or impatient and this leads to few wrong choices of movies. You have already seen how certain beauties packed their bags due to such errors. However, one beauty has come up with a special policy which sounds sensible and could give her longer innings.

We are talking about the cute hottie Raashi Khanna and recently she got to share her thoughts where she reportedly mentioned that she has a clear policy in terms of her role. For starters, she is more than willing to look glamorous and increase the dose. However, this Punjabi beauty has also got another clause.

She is keen not to go overboard when it comes to exposing and her main objective is to strike a balance between both. The pretty girl reportedly mentioned that she must look glamorous but at the same time her film must be watched by a family too. The future will be known as to the success of Raashi’s new policy.

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