Uncle's Disgust For Forcible Tweets

By - December 12, 2017 - 01:15 PM IST

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Whenever you are coming up with a movie and want it to reach the maximum public, you resort to social media and especially those who are famous and have following. Apparently, one post from them regarding your movie can make a huge difference. However, one film uncle seems to have been completely annoyed with this whole approach.

It is heard that recently one hero from a film family came up with a film and he expected his uncle who is a famous name to come up with positive tweets. The uncle was approached for the same and this has not gone well with the senior man. It is heard that the uncle said: “Why are you telling me to do something forcibly?”

He reportedly added ”If a family member gives a tweet or puts a post, movies don’t run. It is the real public and outsiders who should give such statements.” This was a class to his nephew who is a hero. We cannot reveal the names here but if you can understand this article properly you will also understand who we are talking about.