Big Heroes Invested In Bitcoin

By - December 12, 2017 - 12:15 PM IST

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Every few years there is a change in the way the currency is being perceived and taking a majority, the plastic money has become prominent. While this is the case with the regular folks, the bigshots have a different way of keeping their wealth and growing it. In this regard, the bitcoin concept is becoming a big deal across the globe for many.

It has attracted the wealthy and rich who are keen to convert their large piles of cash into coins and do things necessarily without incurring taxes. Now, this bitcoin mania has touched the Tollywood circuit and reports reveal some of the big heroes of the industry have invested their money into Bitcoin.

They are certain it would go double and maybe triple its value and this is going to fetch them huge profits if their calculation goes right. On the other hand, sources reveal it is already one year since they have invested in Bitcoin. While it is not sure how dependable this format is, now that the film stars have put their chips, it would encourage others as well.  

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