Recalling Chakri's Death

By - December 12, 2017 - 10:32 AM IST

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The very instance of death brings gloom and regression to anyone of you and the pain and misery are doubled when the death is unnatural. Tollywood has been seeing its share of deaths but the latest suicide of comedian Vijay Sai has ruffled feathers which are now leading to a very ugly family fight between his folks.

While Vijay’s mother alleges this happened due to his wife Vanitha Reddy, it is being supplemented by Vijay’s selfie video which he took before hanging himself. On the other hand, Vanitha is condemning everything and putting the blame on Vijay with her own set of reasons. At this point in time, the police have filed a case against Vanitha.

Looking at this whole episode, many are remembering what happened when music director Chakri died. Though he was a natural death his mother and brother fought against his wife and they went onto the streets regarding this. Now the same is happening with Vijay’s death. Many recalling Chakri’s death is praying this one settles peacefully at the earliest.