Hello Story Revealed!

By - December 13, 2017 - 10:06 AM IST

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So far whatever teasers and trailer you have seen of the movie ‘Hello’ reveals some soul connection between the hero and heroine and the urge to meet each other. While that may be one part of it, here is another update which is giving a new perspective to the storyline. Well, it is just one line which kind of reveals the plot.

Apparently, hero Akkineni Akhil gets a freak phone call from a girl who claims she has been kidnapped. From here on, Akhil’s only mission in life is to locate that girl. While this has strong traces of the Hollywood flick ‘Celluloid’ which came way back in 2005, the unit members reveal director Vikram Kumar has added his innovation.

Buzz is that there is also an element of Karmic connection between the lead pair and Vikram will show the unexpected element of surprise and unexplained. Well, the film is gearing up to arrive on December 22nd so it is not long. For now, let us keep our fingers crossed and decide whether it has an inspired plot or an original plot once we watch the film.

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