Political Link Between NTR And Pawan

By - December 13, 2017 - 12:20 PM IST

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The nexus between films and politics is so strong that you just need a small glimpse to cook up an entire story. This thing is much higher in the Tollywood circuit where film families have the strong influence on political parties and vice versa. And if a star hero comes up with something even remotely linked to politics it catches wildfire.

Currently, the talk is on about the new poster of power star Pawan Kalyan from his new movie ‘Agnaathavasi’. Pawan is seen sitting on a cycle and preparing to take a big start. Immediately few smart brains have linked this with the poster of the movie ‘Kantri’ featuring young tiger Junior NTR wherein he was seen riding a bicycle.

As such, the bicycle is the symbol for the Telugu Desam party and so many are saying that just like how NTR indicated his support for TDP then, Pawan is doing the same with this poster. Well, you can appreciate the imagination and creativity of these smart minds but coming to such big conclusions based on this single poster is unwise.

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