Who Is Gayatri?

By - December 15, 2017 - 12:43 PM IST

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Once you start seeing the posters of a movie before release you get a fair idea of what the genre is going to be like and that forms an impression. However, what do you do when you see the posters of movie which doesn’t have faces but just the title. This is exactly the strategy adopted by the creative team of the movie Gayatri.

For now, all we know is it has dynamic star Manchu Vishnu in the lead along with the sizzling beauty Shriya Saran. Secondly, collection king Mohan Babu has done a fantastic role in it which is going to create a huge impact. While all that is fine, many are asking only one question, who or what exactly is Gayatri’.

The title and the way it is designed is indicating that it appears to be a horror thriller but some are also guessing it could be a suspense story with supernatural elements. Helmed by Madhan Ramigani, the music is composed by the Thumping Man Thaman. Perhaps the next set of pre release promos will clear the mystery.